What is the SVET Project?

SVET is a five-year project resulting from an agreement signed between the European Commission and the Government of Turkey, and has a total budget of € 58.2M. The project aims at strengthening Turkey 's VET system rather than imposing an alien structure. Turkey 's international trade, its political ambitions for joining the EU, and its promotion of domestic and international investments give the project an urgent international dimension. This also implies that Turkey has to harness all its economic resources, and also that a degree of decentralisation is inevitable since much of its industrial and economic activities are regionally based.

Any effective vocational education and training system depends on its congruence with the dynamic forces of the labour market and its respect for the culture it serves. The dynamics of the labour market depends on the needs of industry and commerce (the demand side, often but by no means always definable at a more centralised level) and the availability of trained individuals (the supply side, definable at a more local level) to meet them in their current form and adapt to them in their future form.

The project finds itself at the centre of a debate about the relationship (actual and desired) between labour and education; of another debate about central, provincial and local responsibilities; and of a third debate about the likely career path of VET graduates.

The project staff have conducted workshops and studies and held interviews and meetings in a determined effort to gather and understand as much relevant information as they could. The final decisions will have to be taken by the Turkish decision-makers. However, the project staff will provide access for the decision-makers to current international VET activities and recent decentralisation experiences.

The final outcome of the project should be a strong VET system supported by a National Qualification System with national and international credibility.



Project Synopsis
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